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                        Simplicity Gems and Jewelry


                           Simpex- Import Export

 Watch Mobiles at a price you will never believe. Note : all products from us will enjoy a warranty of at least an year. Complete return in case you are not fully satisfied after receiving your product from us.  1 week's time if any repair is required,if at all!!

           ADDA- The hangout for knowledge seekers

                Simple School Solutions

All we need is an Internet connection   Trials on at Mysore only

A complete Web based teaching solutions for any and all Institutions having to deal with dearth of Savvy Teachers/Trainers. However, access to the specified site is integrated with the school's Curriculum.Week end workshops,online assignments, online course material in addition to the Text books. Paperless policy and Green Energy initiative are built into the project. The site will also provide opportunities for the students to specialize, take 3rd party certification Exams [example MCP] and enroll as students to thousands of knowledge empowering sites, courses and organizations such as FSF etc;

Note: We are presently offering Computer related courses only, more varieties of solutions will follow.

Simple School Solutions, Simplicity Group - Action Desk

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For Business beyond Business- Simplicity Group 

  You are now in a rarefied zone. Simplicity Group was founded by Mr. Pradeep Gour. He is a practicing Gemologist, based out of Mysore, Karnataka, India he founded Simplicity-Gems and jewelry.

Over a period of time, the creation of an organization that catered to the desperate need of consumers and customers as far as wellness goes, in a variety of Businesses (life,may be) was felt.

The concept of wellness beyond the obligatory business made an indelible mark on him and a few of his associates.

The result,

Delight and beyond is our Motto.

Simplicity Group the hall mark that assures you of a great value of Wellness.

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Simple Vegetables and Fruits ---- Straight from Mysore !!

All subjects all Classes/Grades/Standards  [K1 to K10]

Simple School Solutions has come of age!! Rejoice!!

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